Thursday, October 9, 2008

Punk it up.

After the previous post I thought I should add some of my own images done with a project developed through Polygon modelling. My Thesis project. These are updated renderings from some reasonably recent experiments. I like the results and strong tech punk attitude that came through the colors.

With music it has to be my fav group over the past few years or so> TV on the Radio. Their new album is some of the freshest music I have heard in a long time and very enjoyable.
Flying Lotus is another great listen too.


Ari said...

Zesty! Found your portfolio on CDN and I like your style :) Hope to see more!

VOIP Headphones said...

I just started reading a copy of one of martina cole books and was totally blown away at how well written the book was. Hard girls is an intriguing book and would recommend it to anyone.

Nice review BTW :)

Helen Neely