Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pocket Racer Expressionism

Alright! Just got my computer back from Germany today. So that means I can finally put some work on here. Plus I should also get my new tablet tomorrow, I think I could be hitting the computer pretty hard this week to get some new renderings up. Stay tuned... To start off are a few of the final renderings from my Thesis project. Hopefully by the start of next week Ill also be able to post my approach on this Photoshop technique as well.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Road Relics

4 posts on 4 Days way to go when you don't have much else to do. I thought this would be cool to stick on, they are two of the cars we have at home. The blue one is a Vauxhall Viva and the other is a VC Valiant both from the 60's. They keep my father occupied in his spare time. The Valiant is almost finished actually and drivable now unlike the images shown. I like the Harley Sticker plastered to the back window for the rogue look. For me the Valiant is more my style, it just cruises along with bench seats front and rear. Its a ship for the road and handles like one too. The Viva is quaint and fun to zoom around in. But I always have the sense of feeling vulnerable in it with its basic construction, for sure the equivalent of a modern day Hyundai. Intended to be a disposable mode of transport. The reason why we own these cars is for there sentimental attachments that come with members of my family using both of them over the years. Both are special to have at home.

Auto paraphernalia has taken hold of this blog! I am hoping to diversify (a little) over the coming weeks. But it has to be designery related otherwise it would just be no fun!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wepon of Mass Disruption

My family just managed to become the coolest house in the street. My sisters boyfriend just bought this projector home from a garage sale at a local university the other day. Its able to produce an image nearly up to 4m long! Meaning good times ahead for some home cinema fun, and of course many hours playing what ever Playstation game I can get my hands on. Just imagine Gran Turismo or Grand Theft Auto booming out... Ahhh I can't wait! Of course any one about is invited to experience it, well until we have to go out and buy a new bulb anyway. Then I think it could be off line for a while...

Anyway, hoping to put a bit of work on here soon, I get a new tablet this week so some serious PShop action is taking place from 8pm onwards 5 days a week for sure!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Gladiators of the Raceway

I was at the Grand Prix last week, which was a lot of fun this year by the way. Much better than previous events, hot weather, a happy crowd, obviously cool cars and some entertainment off track made for an enjoyable few days. But when watching the Formula 1 cars it always strikes you how the driver is completely detached from reality. Like a robot plugged into the car. You have no relationship with this person, you can never see their emotions when they actually race. This human all dressed up in protection and technology, makes me relate to him as a modern day gladiator. Wearing all their personal markings from helmet to suit, potentially risking life to achieve their goal. Only when their job is done then they strip back all this layering and reveal the stress and emotion placed upon them from the event then the human side comes through.
Thats why I love these images above from (great website for images from all kinds of racing too). They were taken at a recent Nascar event, what I think is great about them is the way the driver blends in with his surrounds. All the safety protection makes them feel like they are just another device in the car. I feel these images take this observation from before a step further. In terms of an aesthetic approach, its just wonderful with the functional detailing that happens in a race car. All the elements have a purpose to make this car go fast as possible and are so incredibly complex visually. Usually we would try and cover this technology over and make it look "cool" and reinterpret it in another way on a sports car. But here the beauty of the interior is in its rawness and function.

Note: Look at the time this was posted. I should say no more...

New Home no.24

Just to get things kicked off I came across these images I took of my 3rd new kicks in Pforzheim. Now looking back on it here in Australia, It was for sure the pick of the places I had lived in there. Fun room mate in Florian and a really nice homely little flat to keep me warm in winter with a great view over the forest. For me what topped it off was the exclusivity of the jail to our place only a block or so away. We still wonder if the inmates there were happier inside than actually out in glum Pf.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Hey there, welcome to my blog featuring a random collection of work and thoughts that go through my mind on a daily basis. My intention for this blog is just to have some fun and use it as an outlet to express to everyone whats happening in my own little world on a weekly basis. Hope you find it of some interest and of course feel free to comment on any of the images or text posted. Enjoy!